Troy's Bio

img Troy Williams grew up around wildlife with his father who is an avid snake enthusiast in the West Texas area. He was able to spend summers with his father recovering snakes, spiders, scorpions, and viewing the wonders of our natural world including vast species of birds.
Birds have fascinated him since he was a small child. As a young adult he took his passion for birds to another level. As a self-taught photographer of more than eight years, he has taken bird photography to the greatest levels of complexity.

He does not use mock-up perches and he does not bait the birds. He uses exceptional patience and the beauty of "mother nature" to catch the images of birds in their own habitat. For Troy as an artist the beauty of the bird is the bird in its unrefined environment. This is truly what makes his photography an aesthetic art. He has spent years perfecting a way to capture birds in their organic habitat without hindering their inner peace. He uses this as a way of seeing into the bird's soul and engaging the pure beauty of its existence.


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